+Plusses – Creating Content for Google+ Platform

+Plusses is a hosted blogging platform that does all the work for you. It recognize that you have spent a lot of time creating content for the Google+ platform and believe that you shouldn’t have to waste time rewriting it for your traditional blog. Get all of your public Google+ posts displayed in an easy to read format, including any photos, videos or article links you have attached. Comments and post statistics are also brought across so visitors to your blog can easily see your levels of engagement.

[advt]Pluss.es lets you use the content you post to your Google Plus profile in order to create a blog. That’s right; this site lets you have your Google Plus posts imported into a blog-like context. They will be taken and displayed in an easy-to-read format, and all the media that you had originally posted is going to be included. This includes both images and videos, and article links.

These Google Plus blogs come at a cost, but those of you who are really interested in this novel service can get acquainted with it at zero cost. Free trials can be started just by giving Pluss.es access to your Google account.

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