Bookstep – Access Learning Materials on Cloud at Little / No Cost

Bookstep lets users access all learning materials on the cloud at little or no cost.  They can review and grade assignments and exams, lead online exam preparation groups, and even conduct one-on-one meetings with students. In the Publishing Cloud, authors can publish by uploading their existing works on to the platform, or create documents directly on Bookstep. Those published works then become part of the Textbook and Learning clouds.

Bookstep is revolutionizing textbooks and digital publishing for both instructors and students:

Students can get instant access to the most up-to-date textbook editions and course materials. They can then take, publish or sell their class notes to other Bookstep users.

Instructors can securely publish their course materials at no cost, and make them accessible by allowing paid or free access to students

[advt]Bookstep gives you full control over the cost of your learning materials. The format is compatible with different learning styles, and the price and pace are up to users. With Bookstep, you have the power to control your content and your textbook spending. While accessing digital learning material on, students can do whatever they want or need to do to achieve the best learning experience – highlight, annotate, include friends in their studies through a social learning experience.

Bookstep’s cloud platform is made up of three interrelated pillars: the Textbook, Learning and Publishing Clouds. Each area has its own capabilities but is tied to the others.

The Textbook Cloud allows users to search Bookstep’s database of digital publications and access their desired materials on a per-minute (pay-as-you-go) basis. The Textbook Cloud offers digital textbooks, lectures, articles and other educational content delivery.

The Learning Cloud includes everything that can be done with the textbook material. For example, a student or reader can highlight information and take notes, and enable those notes to be seen (or purchased) by others. That said, students can access other students’ notes or teachers’ notes to aid in their own learning. Bookstep users can collaborate and share ideas in online study groups, saving time and money by not having to travel to meet in person. Bookstep users can allow certain people or groups access (paid or free) to their published material.

How it works:

Bookstep’s digital content is accessible from any Internet-enabled device, and the cloud platform offers these interrelated digital solutions:

1. The Textbook Cloud enables digital textbooks, lectures, articles and other educational content delivery.

2. The Publishing Cloud provides direct and open-source publishing capabilities to share or sell educational materials

3. Bookstep empowers reading by giving users full control over the cost.

The format is compatible with different learning styles, and the price and pace is up to you. With Bookstep, users have the power to control their content and their textbook spending.

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