Piczo – Safer Social Network with Content Moderation and Reporting

Piczo is an online community that empowers teens worldwide to creatively express themselves in a safe environment. Piczo has put into action an industry leading holistic approach to Member Safety through a combination of Automated and Manual Content Moderation, reporting mechanisms for our members, and best-in-class services levels for reviewing flagged content and abuse reports.

It have also implemented new Permissioning and Blocking features that allow the members to adjust who is able to access their site (be it their friends, the entire Piczo community, or the world) and also to block unwanted visitors.

[advt]The drag-and-drop functionality means that you don’t have to know web design to create a unique and engaging site. Video, graphics, text, polls, photos, music and more are right at your fingertips the moment you enter our Page Editor. As members hone their design skills and look to create more advanced sites, they’ll find that adding HTML or any other code is as simple and intuitive as the rest of Piczo.

Teaching Proper Internet Etiquette

As your children use Piczo to express themselves and interact with friends, they not only learn good Internet habits, but they develop important social skills that they will utilize in countless situations throughout their lives, such as:

  • Respecting the opinions of others
  • Courtesy towards peers
  • Proper Time Management
  • Maintaining responsibilities and obligations
  • Healthy interpersonal relations


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