Live Traffic Smartphone App from SatNav Launched

SatNav Technologies, pioneers of GPS Navigation in India, announced a navigation application with map and traffic updates for Smart phones. It helps in knowing which roads are jammed and which routes to avoid. Users can update the map according to the situation they face in their routes.

The product offers FREE Navigation, LIVE traffic updates all through the day, and social networking features which offer rewards for daily driving.

SatNav announced that the Smartphone app for Live Traffic is now officially available for users and that the user base was growing rapidly in the short time that it has been under beta-testing. SatGuide- Waze now has over 15,000 users who have logged in over 175,000 times, offering co-commuters live information for traffic info all over the country.

Today the company knows which roads are jammed at what time of the day anywhere in India and which routes to avoid. In addition, users have reported 380 accident alerts, 1400 hazard alerts, submitted 9200 traffic reports, 1460 police reports and 2900 chit chats.

SatGuide-Waze gives users power to know the exact traffic situation before they start from their office, helps save time and fuel as long as there is someone else also on the same route who is automatically reporting his data. The routing suggested automatically avoids traffic routes and dynamically changes too in real time, its not static navigation.

The free application can be installed on all iphones, Windows, Symbian, Android and Blackberry phones, millions of which are sold in the country.

SatNav’s GPS Navigation Product SatGuide available at hundreds of stores all over India helps customers “Never Get Lost!”. Variants include Navigation solutions for dedicated navigation devices, PDAs, Phones, Laptops, Desktops, SatGuide Logger among others.

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