Wadja.com Opens Up Social Networking Site to SMS Providers

Wadja.com, a unique social networking site that uses labels to create people-to-topic connections, has created a developer’s platform, which allows SMS providers to offer their services to an audience of over 5 million registered users.

Companies are invited to integrate their SMS applications to Wadja’s worldwide messaging hub. This allows SMS providers to reach out to an already engaged audience and promote their services straight through the Wadja social network.

With over 3 million SMS processed by Wadja on a monthly basis, partners are able to extend the reach of their applications to a very large, and ever-growing, consumer base.

Says George Koiliaris, Business Development Manager, “The aim is to allow SMS providers to reach out to Wadja’s 5.1 million registered users worldwide, and create synergies between these types of partners and ourselves.


It creates a win-win situation for everyone involved. We are able to offer increased choice and the cheapest available SMS prices to our users, while allowing our partners to reach out to an audience that wants to consume these services.”

SMS complements Wadja’s powerful messaging platform, which offers email, online posts, remote updates and unlimited group messaging via mobile, offering a complete online and mobile solution.

Wadja offers a Developer API, which allows individuals to create a basic application including SMS apps and have these up and running within minutes. Interested parties are asked to submit a simple form and an API key is automatically generated and provided.

The platform also offers a Help Desk where developers are able to submit queries and receive responses.

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