– Messaging for Groups will discover the essence of hosted conversations and save you time, trouble and budget. Less email, better results for you and your group.  It offers hosted conversations to keep everyone involved in an easy way. By using for group communication your email inbox stays clean.  Long conversations are easier to manage for all participants.

Use custom #hashtags to get organized. Use the search filter to quickly access those waves you’re looking for. You can archive waves; it will notify you when they’re updated. is a hosted service so you won’t have to worry about backups. It also supports SSL.

[advt] is all about communication. It believes that’s most important for you and your group. Sure, your profile still has social links and you can add a description. Integrate waves and public profiles with API. Waves can be published for public viewing on your website. Groups and users, if enabled, have a public profile with avatar. The API is only available after API activation and can be accessed with an API key.

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