Create Your Own Free Online Radio using BlogTalkRadio

BlogTalkRadio is free software that allows anyone using internet and anywhere the ability to host a live, Internet Talk Radio show, simply by using a telephone and a computer. You need not download any software, just sign in for free account and start your own radio show. This app is equipped with easy to use functions and features and anyone can start their own radio show with all the advanced functionality of the Radio services.

It comes with advanced technology and seamless integration with all the popular and leading social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, which gives the users ability to broadcast their show on air and reach to general public for attaining popularity for their station. It is web based, thus you need very basic things to start your own radio show. You will need internet connection and microphone for hosting your live show.

[advt]You can host live radio show whereby you can enjoy live chats with your listeners and help them to share their views with other many listeners. In addition, this package comes with promotional tools like flash player of your Radio show and buttons that you can add to any blog or web site for promoting your show.

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