Vod.io – Download Free Video App for iPad

Vod.io is a free app for iPad that allows users to watch personalized user content in ways unlike other websites and applications offer. It comes with preselected favorites and channels, but is easily adaptable for user interests as that’s the whole idea of the concept.Using the knowledge of the crowds mixed with your personal tastes and interests, Vodio adapts to show you video content you’ll love.

Take your video consumption habits to the next level by creating personalized video streams from dozens of content services. Instead of searching through hours of videosyou might enjoy, start watching videos you connect with. Additionally, Vodio lets you share videos through your social networks, so your friends can enjoy them too.

You can watch the hottest and newest videos from top sources, mixed with a dash of social sharing. It constantly adapting based on your social graph and personal taste. It discover, watch and share awesome vids.

Download Vod.io  for iPad


  •  Personalized video streams
  • [advt] Slick and Intuitive UI
  •  Quick Share of cool video content via Facebook, Twitter and Email
  •  constantly adapting to your personal taste in video content
  •  Vertical channels

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