Unfollow Those Who Do Not Follow You on Twitter Using ManageFlitter

ManageFlitter is the tools for managing your Twitter followers, finding new followers and keeping your Twitter list clean. Managing the signal-to-noise ratio in your Twitter feed can be a lot of work, and ManageFlitter attempts to make that a bit easier. You can clean up who you follow, find out who isn’t following you back, locate inactive accounts you’re following and search your stream.

Twitter Account Management

  • [advt]Clean up and manage who you follow.
  • Find out who isn’t following you back.
  • Find out which inactive accounts you follow.
  • Easily search inside your Twitter stream.
  • Link Google+ to your Twitter account.

Unfollowing Those Who Do Not Follow You on Twitter

ManageFlitter is a free tool for unfollowing people quickly and easily on Twitter. As soon as you connect your Twitter account, ManageFlitter¬†will show you a list of everyone who you are following who is not following you back. Select the people you don’t want to stay connected with on Twitter and click the Unfollow button to be rid of them. To select mulitple people faster, expand the page overview and drag your mouse to select multiple users.

If you would like more depth, you can can use the tabs on the left side of the page to see who is inactive, who tweets too much or too little and even show people who have not set their profile pic. It’s a great way to filter out and unfollow spammers.

Search your Twitter Account

ManageFlitter has a unique tool which allows you to search inside your own Twitter account. By clicking on the Bio Search or Tweet Search tabs you can immediately search through the last tweet or biography of everyone you follow. Once again it’s the perfect way to unfollow people on twitter who you’re not really interested in.

Re-order your Connections

At the top of each page is a nifty ordering tool. This tool allows you to rearrange the people in the list below. It’s a fast way to find out which accounts you follow have the most followers. Maybe you’d like to find the people who haven’t tweeted for the longest time. You can do this by ordering based on their last tweet time.

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