Handcraft – Collaborative HTML Prototyping Tool

Handcraft is a collaborative HTML prototyping tool built for interactivity and precise control. Use HTML, CSS and Javascript to create rich interactive prototypes. It believes working this way gets better results. Designers and developers work together more closely with Handcraft

Design in the browser: Handcraft means 100% HTML prototypes. This constraint means you can only design what works in the real world.

Build an interactive prototype: Include state changes, error messages, and alternate designs directly in your prototype.

Secure and private:Prototypes live at [yourprototype].handcraft.com and can be protected by a password of your choosing.

Collaborate with your team: Easily share prototypes with colleagues and work on code together without fear of losing your changes.

Don’t repeat yourself: No more copy/pasting repeating content and navigation. Instead, use markup like <layout/> and<page/>.

Forget about lorem ipsum: Fill your prototypes with real content and spend more time on one of the most important interface elements: copy.

No versioning hassle: Your work is automatically backed up. Change history of all your prototypes means you’ll never lose your work.

Professional presentation: It takes care of the loose ends so your clients always get a smooth experience.

Traditional prototyping

  • Spend hours setting up your favorite programming framework to mock up an interactive signup flow
  • Drag and drop widgets in your favorite wireframe app. Then drag and drop layer elements in Photoshop. Then do it all over again in HTML and CSS
  • [advt]Email your prototype as an attachment to your clients and deal with file format problems
  • Spend hours on the minutiae of your design in Photoshop only to find out it’s inconvenient to implement in HTML
  • Scour the internet for the latest version of reset.css
  • Boot up Eclipse/Visual Studio and wait for your solution to load
  • Deal with the version repository headache of updating, merging and committing changes

HTML prototyping with Handcraft

  • Create a prototype and get started in minutes
  • Just do it once in HTML and use your free time to get some real work done
  • Share the URL to the prototype
  • Design minutiae that can be implemented because you started in HTML
  • Include the latest version from its goodies page in 30 seconds
  • Open your browser and start typing
  • Just work on your code and let Handcraft handle revisions

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