New Google Talk on the Way – Try It and Send Your Feedback

It has been years since Google Talk beta version of the client application is released and we have not yet found any important Gtalk release after that. In the mean time, Google has built Google Talk Gadget and integrated chat in Gmail, which has more functionality such as emoticons and group chat.

OK, now what’s the story? Google Labs is working on the next version of Google Talk, named Google Talk, Labs Edition. It is only available for PCs running Windows XP/ Vista, in English.

It has the same great features as the Google Talk Gadget, including instant messaging, emoticons, and group chat. The new version also have desktop notifications from Google Calendar, Orkut, and Gmail.

Google Talk, Labs Edition is an experimental release, so expect problems when you try it out now! You can send your feedback to [email protected] . Also join the google group for discussions.


The current Lab Edition edition has a few known issues, including voice calls and file transfers not functioning, and duplicate chats show up while chatting from within Gmail while Labs Edition is running.

So do not just jump on to using Google Talk Lab Edition. You can have both the current stable version of Google Talk and Lab Edition installed and accessed on the same desktop. So try Lab Edition when you feel so, and send your feedback to Google.

Now that Chrome is released, which supports having tabs/windows running in different threads, I hope Google will soon have an better Chrome integratable Google Talk Gadget with all the great features. We will be able to use Chrome as the launcher / container for many apps like Google Talk, Google Docs Online / Offline and GMail Online / Offline – as if Chrome is a Browser OS. Hopefully.

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