Download / Play Les Paul Guitar Google Doodle, Install on Your Website

Google LogoHave you seen today’s (09-June-2011) Google Doodle? Today’s Google logo is an interactive, playable Guitar in memory of Les Paul, an American guitarist, on his 96th birthday.

If this interactive Google logo inspires you to bring out the hidden musician in you, why don’t give it a try? As you know, in most cases, the Doodles stays in the Google homepage for a day only. So we have copied the script from Google’s homepage to make it available for you any day, anytime.

Now what are you waiting for? Start playing the guitar! Before that get some cotton for your friends to fill their ears. 😛

Play Les Paul Guitar Google Doodle

This is a copy of the script from the Google homepage as of 09-June-2011. The whole credit goes to the authors of this complex interactive Doodle. Thanks to the Doodle team!

Electric guitar doodle was made with a combination of JavaScript, HTML5 Canvas (used in modern browsers to draw the guitar strings), CSS, Flash (for sound) and tools like the Google Font API, and App Engine. [source]

Download the Les Paul Guitar Google Doodle and unzip to a folder. Please note that, Les Paul Guitar Google Doodle cannot be played by directly opening the HTML file on the browser (file protocol). It needs the HTTP protocol. You must copy the files to a web root folder of a local web server running in your computer such as WAMP, XAMPP, or portable web servers such as USBWebServer, etc. and view from there. You can upload the files to your web server as well, and make it available for your visitors to play around! If you have any question, post a comment below.




  1. I have downloaded the zipped file and unzipped it as well..everything looks good but while playing the guitar I donot hear anything there is no output at all,though it is a HTML file and I open it up in IE 9 on my laptop.Why there is no sound output and more over I could not follow the instruction wrtiiten above .Please help.

  2. Depeche Mode
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    555555 555555 9999 90755 555555 555555 66667655 58755 8756

  3. godfather theme: 368768676453-368768676432-2467-1356-1356-135435343314 (THIS last 4 doesn’t sound exactly as itshould

  4. Whatya want from me- Adam Lambert (you play 2 keys at 1 tome)
    6+8 5+7
    8+0 8+0 8+0
    5+7 5+7
    8+0 8+0 8+0
    5+7 5+7

  5. 333153153777853153 – Lord Vader song ;D
    36876097687683 – Harry Potter
    aasafd, aasagf, aakhgfd, kkfdsa – Happy Birthday

  6. Please, please make this downloadable. This could be the beginning of group jam sessions and music exchanges. Please make public ASAP

  7. Please make doodle on US website (available today also) . It contains a button to record as well. Use US ip address to access that doodle(Although u might be aware of it). We Indians rule the web. No other website has been able to make it availible as such.

  8. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You Chord :

    NOT: ( ) Press notes in bracket the some time !

  9. Thanks for google team for creating such a wonderful doodle and making this available to us. I believe this is the great job done by the team members and it is my favourable doodle so far. Hope this will be available for downloading soon.

  10. Wow! Thanks so much for taking the time to make this available to us!
    My favourite doodle so far.
    Hopefully it will be up for downloading soon.


    I love it !!! Google put some effort in this one, not just some gif with two or three frames…

    I would be gratefull, if you could make it downloadable.

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