mintBox2 – Miniature PC with Linux Mint Installed

mintBox is a miniature fanless PC based on AMD G-Series APU. It is actually a fit-PC3, produced by CompuLab, which has Linux Mint pre-installed. It is a tiny, silent and versatile PC and comes packed with connectivity. It offers powerful graphics, low-power and rich I/O.

mintBox is the official name of fit-PC3, when it comes with Linux Mint. Linux Mint is a Linux OS for desktop computers, based on Ubuntu/Debian. Linux Mint aims to be a modern, elegant and comfortable OS which is powerful and easy to use. Mint provides full multimedia support via software such as Java and Adobe Flash.

The device features a die cast solid metal case which acts as a passive heat sink. The device is unique, robust and well engineered. It doesn’t need a fan to cool down its components. The mintBox is completely silent, other than the noise from its internal HDD.

The mintBox has USB ports, Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth in connectivity options and feature an HDMI port & a DVI adapter. Now, the Linux Mint team had launched another miniature PC in the series, named the mintBox2.

The new mintBox PC features Intel i5 CPU, than its good old AMD APU. The other key features includes Intel HD Graphics, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD and Dual-Gigabit Ethernet. The mintBox2 costs around Rs 37,000.

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