Intel, Taiwan firms to reduce Data Centre costs

Chip maker Intel had joined hands with a group of Taiwanese companies and a government research centre on a project meant for reducing Data centre operating costs. IT majors including Google and Microsoft are also promoting the idea as they also depend on Data centers for daily operations.

Data Centers are being used by companies for a wide range of operations ranging from running core business applications such as ERP and CRM to using it as backup centers for huge volumes of data.

For the project, Intel will contribute chips, motherboards and software along with engineering expertise, said Navin Shenoy, vice president and general manager, Intel – Asia Pacific. Software provided by Intel for the project include Data Centre Manager software and Node Center Manager software.

For making Data centers energy efficient and cost effective, the project aims to use standardized parts and common software to be installed inside 20 foot (6.1 meter) shipping containers.

With top IT firms collaborating in the project,  we can hope future Data Centers will become more energy efficient, cost effective and easier to operate.

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