Locker Gives People Ownership Over their Personal Data

A Locker gives people ownership over their personal data and clear control over how it’s protected and shared.  Providing flexible APIs for access to that data, Lockers are a powerful way for developers to build applications that leverage rich personal data. The Locker Project is an open source development effort, licensed under the three-clause BSD License, and sponsored by Singly. The core team working on the Locker Project is composed of passionate individuals who spend much of their waking (and sleeping) time thinking about personal data, identity, and the future of communication online and off.

The code base of the Locker Project is primarily developed using node.js, with a bit of Python to facilitate some integration points. It use npm to help manage internal system dependencies, and we try to follow TDD/BDD as enthusiastically as our time will allow. Hopefully, these things will make it easy and exciting for interested developers to jump in, grok the system and start coding!


Soon, the Locker Project will integrate with Telehash, providing fully distributed P2P communication for all lockers. Each locker can serve as a switch on the Telehash network, and maintain addressability on the Kademlia-based distributed hash table that rests at the heart of the Telehash protocol. This integration will provide incredible flexibility and integrity for communication channels to and between lockers.

How Lockers Work?

[advt]Lockers are systems that allow people to collect all of their data into one resource that they truly own. Even the code base of the Locker Project is open source, ensuring that people can run their lockers as they see fit, where they see fit.

By using a rich system of connectors and collections, lockers make it possible to access and aggregate personal data, even when no traditional web API exists for the source. Interactions between lockers, applications, data and services are encrypted and secured via a highly secure protocol and system of authorization. Singly is working with experts and thought-leaders throughout the industry to provide open solutions to ensuring robust security for these personal data systems. This allows for even sensitive data to be safely included in a locker and made available for a person at all times.

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