InstaCalc – Fast Powerful Normal and Spreadsheets Calculator

InstaCalc is a fast, simple and powerful calculator. It’s a refreshingly different calculator that is simple, fast and surprisingly fun. It gets real-time result called InstaCalc for a reason: answers appear as you type. Your time is important; the computer’s time is not. Spend less time waiting, more time doing. It support normal calculators and spreadsheets make you type and press Enter. Change the numbers, press Enter. Change the numbers again, press Enter.

See your work as you go, just like working on paper. You can see how you got an answer and change the numbers in real-time. You don’t have to switch between viewing a cell’s results and editing the details.

Regular calculators erase your equation to show you the results. You have to keep track of previous results yourself will you write them down each time? And if you want to change an answer, you need to retype the entire calculation.

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