Dialawg – Conversation Platform for Professionals

Dialawg is a web app that focuses on security and exchanging confidential information in a seamless interface. It is a conversation platform for professionals. It allows you to send documents with messaging and real time chat behind a layer of enterprise-grade security. It supports file revisions, useful for multiple parties who are going over a contract. It is also useful during negotiations online if both parties want to ensure that no third-party can snoop in on these chats. Compare Word documents through your dashboard, set up a contact form, and even drag and drop files.

Dialawg’s strongest features are the ability to self-destruct your account, edit your messages and files until read by participants, and confirmation once the message is read. Dialawg offers free and paid options depending on the amount of storage and additional features you want for your account. It is useful for lawyers, doctors, accountants, project managers, or anyone who take security much more seriously.

These let you drag and drop anything that you want from your desktop into the app. everything will be encrypted, and only the person you’re sending your files to will be able to see what you’re sharing. And as far as tracking your conversations is concerned, you can have access to minute-by-minute audit report that let you see who said what, when, and exactly who was reading it. You can go as far as to compare up to six document revisions at the same time.


  • Store your files and dialogs on the web securely.
  • [advt]Schedule self-destruction of files and accounts.
  • Confirms if files and messages are read and sent.
  • Compare documents.
  • Track conversations.
  • iPhone and iPad app available.
  • Collect electronic signatures
  • File sizes up to 1 GB

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