Likiwi – Call Your Friends Through Facebook for Free

Likiwi is a Facebook based application that allows users to call their friends for free. Users gain points by watching a targeted advertisement according to their profile before making a call that can then be used towards calling fixed and mobile numbers. You can call for free your friends on the web and win points.

Free Services

  • Free and unlimited calls between friends: Stop paying for phone calls. Call for free with no limits all your friends is a dream come true. Whether at the end of the world or near your home, you will have no limits to call to phones.
  • [advt]Accessible from anywhere: You have nothing to download, nothing to install, all your calls go through a simple web page. With a simple click, you can call on Likiwi and invite all your friends.
  • Win Likiwi Points: It offers you the opportunity to earn Likiwi points by viewing a video ad before each call. The more you call your friends on Likiwi and the more you earn minutes to call landlines, and soon to mobile phones.
  • Free voicemail: It offers you a free voicemail so your friends can leave you a message when you are away. This answer is customizable and accessible from Likiwi.

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