Text4FreeOnline.com – Free SMS and Group SMS Service

Text4FreeOnline is a service of TextServ LLC, a customer engagement and mobile marketing solutions company. TextServ offers powerful next generation tools for mobile operators and marketers serious about reducing customer churn and increasing ARPU. It’s Free SMS, Group SMS and Bulk SMS products are designed specifically for individual consumers and small businesses. Now available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic, its solutions enable individuals to text each other using both free SMS and premium SMS.

[advt]The TextServ multi channel Loyalty Marketing platform uses real-time customer events and segmentation rules to trigger retention and up-sell campaigns, build customer loyalty and maximize customer lifetime value. Operators feed TextServ millions of customer events from multiple sources to run fully automated two-way SMS campaigns, delivering real-time personalized, relevant and timely marketing messages. Its closed loop reporting and analytics suite monitors campaign performance in real-time and provides an in-depth analysis of subscriber’s trends and Marketing ROI.

It automatically alerts the Customer Retention team any time a customer gives a below average satisfaction score enabling immediate issue resolution and the ability to turn dissatisfied customers into loyal advocates.

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