Keeps Track Your Internet Webpages using iCyte

iCyte is free website management software that keeps track of your internet webpages so that you can save any webpage you want to in iCyte’s server. It is an effective way to manage online research and make web browsing easier. It lets you save websites to a personal account so only you can access your saved websites.

iCyte presents a smart way to manage online research so that you can access content from any of your favorites websites whenever you want to look at it. It can save any webpage for you to access at a later time in order to make web browsing easier. Much better than bookmarks, it lets you highlight the most useful text directly on the saved webpage, tag, search, comment, and securely share your saved content with others.


  • iCyte can save any webpage you like
  • It highlight the important texts
  • [advt]It lets you add notes and tags so that you can search for stuff easily to manage online research
  • You can search for your content from any computer even if the original pages have been deleted in order to make web browsing easier
  • With iCyte, you can share your webpages via email, Twitter, your blog or Facebook
  • You can even keep them private and save websites to a personal account

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