Disk Scrubber – Free Software that Clean Up Windows NTFS Disks

Disk Scrubber is free system Software that lets you clean up Windows NTFS disks. It makes sure that all of the files you remove are permanently deleted from your hard drive, leaving no traces behind and letting you free up disk space.

It permanently deletes all the sensitive data from your computer. Files that you delete go to the recycle bin and these files can be easily recovered, but this ensures that this does not happen and the files are permanently deleted.

You should make sure that you overwrite the free space using Disk Scrubber before getting rid of your computer. Otherwise, your documents can get into the hands of unauthorized users, which could be potentially damaging for you.

Download Disk Scrubber


  • Clean free hard drive space
  • Really ‘delete’ files
  • Run on any NTFS partition
  • [advt]Uses built in windows cipher program
  • Full UI themes
  • Automated updater

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