Internet Telephony in India to be Opened Up Soon

With the restrictions imposed by the government of India, a voice call can travel between two computers, but not from a mobile or a fixed phone. This has been a bottleneck for many global VOIP providers to provide their service in India.

The TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) has recommended the government to allow the STD service providers to be able to connected to Internet Service Providers (ISPs) through public Internet for long distance calls.

That means, we will soon be able to make calls from personal computers with Internet connection to a fixed land line or a mobile phone and vice versa, if the recommendation is accepted by the government of India. This may lead to fall in STD tariff as well.

The Telecom Engineering Centre (TEC) of Department of Telecom, will work out the number plan for the ISPs to enable them to offer telephone services. All ISPs providing unrestricted Internet telephony would need to install a Lawful Interception equipment to make VOIP calls secure. [via PTI]

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