“Mobile Watchdog” Lets Parents to Spy on Their Kids’ Mobile Usage

The “Mobile Watchdog” software, which is set to be launched in August, let parents to view any text messages, emails, pictures and calls made to and from their kid’s mobile and to receive alerts in the form of SMS and email every time their child gets a call from an “unapproved” number.

The software is currently being used by american police. Colorado police were said to have nabbed more than 50 paedophiles with the technology since last year, and parents maybe expected to put it to same use.


The software is intended at parents of kids between eight to 16 since those parents were overwhelmingly unaware who was contacting their kids, and they are worried the people contacting their kids could be bullies or sexual predators.

While this software aims at making money out of parents’ perennial fears for their children, this may lead to violation of children’s rights to privacy.

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