Intel Data Migration Software – Transfer Data from HDD to SSD

Intel Data Migration Software provides a quick and easy way to transfer your data from a regular hard drive to an Intel Solid State Drive (SSD). The migration program has been designed with user friendly features, which can automatically detect the old and new drives and will guide you through the simple process of cloning. The Intel Software Migration, hard drive, such as operating systems, applications, documents and personal settings can be transferred from the old to the new SSD drive in a few minutes.

Download Intel Data Migration Software

After launching and registering your copy of the Data Migration Software, it will automatically detect your Intel SSD and give you the opportunity to clone your current drive to it in a click.

Of course this won’t be possible if there’s not enough room on the SSD to hold all your data (highly likely as SSDs generally have low capacities). If this is the case on your system, you’ll need to delete data files, uninstall applications and so on until your data will fit on the SSD.

And then you can either switch the old hard drive with your new SSD, or perhaps change the boot order in your BIOS to fire up the SSD first. Either way, your system should then launch from the solid state drive instead, greatly improving its performance.

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