Get Tata Docomo 3G Life, Call 1800-266-0000 Toll Free Number

Tata Docomo, backed by NTT DOCOMO, has introduced 3G in India. The Tata Docomo 3G services will run on globally most advanced network technology – HSPA+. HSPA+, Evolved High Speed Packet Access, is also dubbed as 3.5G+, capable of handling speeds of over 21 Mbps.

If you are a Tata Docomo customer, your existing 2G SIM cards are already been upgraded to 3G, free of cost. Dial 1800-266-0000 from your mobile and you will be guided on getting on to the world of 3G. You can also get a host of information about Tata Docomo 3G.

If you are a non-Tata Docomo subscriber, dial 1800-266-0000 to check if you can get 3G service in your area. If so, get hold of a Tata Docomo SIM from your nearest retailer. All Tata Docomo SIM cards in the market are 3G ready.

The 3rd Generation telecom network on Tata DOCOMO empowers you with data transfer speeds thrice as fast as the 2G technology. With 3G, you can do real-time face-to-face Video Calling, real-time streaming of music & videos, Live TV on your mobile, download & play rich 3D Games, and check your emails faster.

Tata DOCOMO 3G services are coming soon and will be available to the following circles – Rajasthan, UP (West), Gujarat, Maharashtra except Mumbai, Haryana, Punjab, Kerala, Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh.

You may visit this page for a complete list of 3G handsets in India.

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