Kinect for Xbox 360 – Gaming Without a Controller, Price Rs 9990

Kinect for Xbox 360 is a controller-free gaming and entertainment experience by Microsoft for the Xbox 360 video game platform. Controller-free gaming means full body play. Kinect enables users to control and interact with the Xbox 360 without the need to touch a game controller. Simply step in front of the sensor and Kinect recognizes you and responds to your gestures,  spoken commands, or presented objects and images. It is available in India at a price of Rs.9,990. You can pre-order your Kinect at microsoft store.

Dance Central, Joy Of  Ride, Kinect Sports, Kinect Adventures, Kinectimals, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I, Michael Jackson: The Experience, The Biggest Loser: Ultimate Workout and a lot more games support or require the Kinect motion controller for the Xbox 360.

What is Kinect ?

Motion Sensor

Kinect uses a motion sensor that tracks your entire body. So when you play, it’s not only about your hands and thumbs. It’s about all of you. Arms, legs, knees, waist, hips and so on.

Skeletal Tracking

As you play, Kinect creates a digital skeleton of your avatar based on depth data. So when you move left or right or jump around, our sensor will process it and translate it into gameplay.

Facial Recognition

Kinect ID remembers who you are by collecting physical data that’s stored in their profile. So when you want to play again, your Kinect will know it’s you.

Voice Recognition

Kinect uses four strategically placed microphones within the sensor to recognize and separate your voice from the other noises in the room, so you can control movies and more with your voice.


How does it works?

Sensor Placement

You should set the sensor between two to six feet off the floor and centered with your TV, higher is generally better. Place it on a safe and secure surface, as close to the edge without hanging over. Make sure there’s no direct sunlight on the sensor or you. And don’t place on your TV or Xbox 360 console, in front of speakers or near things that vibrate or make noise.

Room To Play

Clear the space between you and the sensor. If you’re playing alone, you should stand six feet away from the sensor. For two players, you both should be at least eight feet away.

How to Play?

Once you wave your hand to activate the sensor, your Kinect will be able to recognize you and access your Avatar. Then you’ll be able to jump in and out of different games, and show off and share your moves. Moving your hand moves the pointer on the screen. To select an item, hold your hand over it until the ring completes.

With Kinect ID your Kinect sensor can recognize you and automatically sign you into your profile. Kinect ID is located on the Kinect Hub. Hold your left hand out and down to bring up the Kinect Guide. The Kinect Guide allows you to pause a game, check out your profile and friends, tune your sensor or access the Kinect Hub where you can explore other Kinect experiences.

The microphone icon indicates that speech recognition is available. Just say “Xbox” to reveal all the voice commands available for you to speak.

Enjoy HD movies, music and sports through Xbox LIVE without any extra accessories. Just use a wave of your hand or the sound of your voice to enjoy 3,500 games on ESPN, HD movies through Zune, streaming music from

With advanced parental controls and movies for the family, Kinect promises a gaming experience that’s safe, secure and fun for everyone.[source 1, source 2]

Watch how Kinect for Xbox live works

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  1. I’ve to admit, I’ve been an enormous Challenge Natal/Kinect sceptic ever since it was announced with that sham Milo walkthrough and an awful lot of hyperbole. I’ve been making an attempt to maintain an open thoughts but the varied rumours that have circulated about space, lighting and multiplayer issues have been a trigger for concern. The advertising resolution that Microsoft took to place this within the hands of mainstream journalists and celebrities rather than anybody who truly has expertise and expertise writing about gaming was extraordinarily worrying.

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