Free SMS Sender – Send SMS over Web Gateway

Free SMS Sender helps sending SMS comfortably and free over web gateways. Replace the default SMS application and extend it so that it is possible to send free text messages via a web SMS gateway.[androidqrcode:  cz.vojtisek.freesmssender]

When writing an SMS gateway is detected, the user can manually specify a gateway (eg if the number is transferred to another operator). Manually change the gate will be saved. Before sending SMS via a web gateway to enable access to the Internet and connect again after sending off.

Download Free SMS Sender for Android


  • connects to the Internet via WiFi or cellular connection before sending
  • send SMS messages via a web portal or gateway operators to send SMS messages
  • displays messages in conversations and messages sent varies in color from free paid and received
  • notification of incoming messages
  • 4 application themes, and 2 different styles for message listing
  • compose a new message to a selected number of contacts with telephone numbers
  • retrieves images assigned to contacts and offers a system pop-up menu contact
  • removes diacritical marks from text messages before sending
  • offers manual selection gates through which the message sent
  • contextual menu: deleting messages, messages or contact details, etc.
  • gateway found by reciever number prefix, by last SMS sent free, when last 3 messages are paid then paid messaging is choosen
  • manual selection of the gateway in the menu or send button long click
  • upports text sharing, opening/writing SMS messages from other applications
  • automatic signature to selected gates
  • massive settings
  • Supported languages: Czech, English with manual selection

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