Improve Performance of Android Device – Download Mobo Task Killer

Mobo Task Killer is an app killer as well as a service killer to kill tasks or apps, free memories, speed up your phone and save battery. It contains widgets with auto optimize feature which can optimize your phone’s memory intelligently.[androidqrcode: ¬†]

It can list all the running tasks or apps in different security levels, and you can select task or app to kill, and click the kill selected task button to kill them. You may find that some apps restarted after being killed, it is because some tasks or apps are restarted by system events automatically.

Download Mobo Task Killer РWidget


  • Auto Optimize, optimize the memory automatically
  • Shake Optimize, shake the phone to free memory
  • Widget, use the optimize feature easily by widget
  • One Click Optimization, click one button to free memory
  • Memory Meter, show your phone status in a memory meter
  • Task killer, kill selected tasks including apps and services
  • Ignore list, ignore task you do not want to kill
  • Auto start, automatically start and help you manage your phone’s tasks
  • Security levels, show the running apps in different levels
  • User tutorials, show how to use application

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