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Dragontape  iPad app lets users create 3-hour mixtapes of their favorite online videos and music. Mixtapes are very easy to edit, simple to share with friends, and offer a unique and continuous way to experience your favourite online videos and music. Dragontape brings the mixtape experience to web video.

Dragontape for iPad transforms your iPad into a portable party booster when everything looks grim and the music just doesn’t work out for you. It seamlessly integrates with your Dragontape account, letting you create and watch mixtapes or edit new ones. The Dragontape app implements new interface elements and controls – it is, in its current form, the portable counterpart of the Dragontape webapp.

Download Dragontape for iPad

Dragontape on iPad is like a portable video jukebox: with the complete functionality of the web version, you can cut, edit, trim and fade YouTube and SoundCloud favourites into a mixtape. Publish that tape into the Dragontape gallery to gather likes and comments – likewise, sharing it on Facebook or Twitter is also a one-button thing. Think about tapes that only contain SoundCloud music or static-page YouTube music and you’ll see it is also an alternative to streaming radio. Or TV. With a growing community behind Dragontape, users have all the possibility to become a broadcast editor, a favourite of many. Being able to produce from anywhere, as long as there’s a working Internet connection.

And with the Dragontape app for iPad offers the full-fledged iPad editor that gives you the possibility to create, cut, edit, rearrange or remix tapes while in bed, on a coffee break or taking a pause – well, basically anywhere.


  • Watch Dragontape mixtapes created on http://dragontape.com
  • YouTube and SoundCloud integration
  • Edit mixtapes with Dragontape brand-new intuitive editor from scratch
  • Work collaboratively with your friends on tapes in which you share content
  • Browse your own tapes or the community’s hot and popular creations or staff-curated content
  • Bookmark tapes by putting them into your personal collection
  • No need for registration (if you just want to browse in the Dragontape community mixes)
  • Anyway, it just takes five seconds to sign up (to retrieve your tapes and collection)
  • [advt]Share your favorite tapes on Facebook, Twitter or via email
  • Low-latency player, fast performance
  • Engaging experience though simple and easy to use interface
  • Crossfade playback between SoundCloud tracks
  • Killer interface enables artists, teachers and content producers to showcase or illustrate their ideas

How to use Dragontape?

Re-record your definitive childhood & teenager tracks in a mixtape. That’s time travel. Make or choose a quick selection of your favourites to wind up the mood. That’s a portable party pill. Present yourself with a mixtape made out of your references. That’s a worktool. Edit a montage of your long holiday YouTube videos to make a time- and family-friendly version. That’s a problem solver. Browse through the gallery tapes with searchwords or through categories: popular or hot tapes, the latest contributions or Dragontape staff-curated picks. That’s a trend finder. Gather videos to a tape during your worktime hours to watch them later. That’s a time saver. And there are a thousand ways more. Find them all. You could accidentally unlock a badge for it.

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