Download Diigo Offline Browser for iPad

Diigo offline Reader lets you save websites, search and browse your Diigo library, and download files for offline browsing. Diigo Browser (formerly iChromy) brings the best of Chrome’s interface, speed and Diigo’s web annotation service to the iPad.

Download Diigo Browser


  • Tabs on Top: It’s very easy to open, switch and close tabs.
  • Ominibox: Type search keywords or URL in one box.
  • Extra space for the web content: The address bar will be hidden automatically when you scroll down the page, so you get the the extra space for web content. To show the address bar, just tap the tab again.
  • Read later and Reading list (Offline reading): One click to save a page to reading list, so you can view them offline. One click to remove a page from the reading list. It’s fast to get pages in and out.
  • Share to different places: Share the page to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Diigo, Instapaper etc.
  • Context search: Search from context menu directly.
  • [advt]Open link in new tab: Long press a link and choose different open options.
  • More privacy: It has options such as incognito mode, clear password, clear history and clear cookie.
  • Stability: More stable and recover tabs after the browser crashes.
  • Change default search Engine
  • Identify iChromy as desktop browsers to access certain pages
  • Keep the address bar when you scroll the page
  • Always open link in background tab

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