Splashtop Remote Desktop for webOS

Splashtop OS LogoSplashtop – instant-on operating system providers, unveiled Splashtop Remote Desktop for webOS. With the application, users now have simple, one-click access from their HP webOS-based smartphone to their entire desktop computer with support for full video and audio.

Splashtop Remote Desktop for webOS is available in the HP App Store for $4.99.

With Splashtop Remote, users can use their HP Palm Pre 2 and HP Palm Pre Plus smartphones with webOS 2.1 to:

  • Fully control their computer remotely, access files, and interact with computer applications using intuitive touch controls and familiar webOS gestures
  • Watch videos and play music stored on their computer, whether in iTunes, Windows Media Player, or any other format
  • Play advanced PC and Flash-based games, such as World of Warcraft or Bejeweled via patent-pending Splashtop streaming technology
  • Work on Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel, or PowerPoint), and access Microsoft Outlook

[advt]Splashtop Remote connects to any Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, or Mac OS X 10.6 or higher operating system.

Splashtop Remote consists of two components:

  • Application running on the WebOS device
  • Application running on the computer.

The smartphone or tablet connects to the computer over any network.

Mark Lee, CEO and co-founder of Splashtop said:

“We created Splashtop Remote Desktop with the vision of bridging the billions of devices throughout the world . Our support for HP’s webOS is an important milestone in that direction.”

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