Download Get It Done – Easy to Use, Powerful Mobile App for Task

get it done_logoGet It Done is an easy to use, powerful task app. Organize all of your work deadlines and goals, manage your home improvements, or just simply keep track of your grocery list. It is done by just dragging and dropping them into the order you want to get them done.  It  can be as simple or as robust as you need it to be. Setup is quick and easy, as soon as you sign up you can quickly start entering all of your tasks. Take your tasks with you everywhere you go. When you buy Get It Done you get all of the mobile apps for free.

Download app for iPhone, iPad and Android

Currently it supports iPhone, iPad and Android. Once you log into the app you will have to change your sync settings to ‘Online only’, syncing seems to not be working properly yet. To change your settings:

  • [advt]Click the Setting button in the Get It Done App
  • Click ‘Sync Preference’
  • Click ‘Online Only’

get it done

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