Download ProcessThreadsView – Tool to Provide Information Of Threads

ProcessThreadsView is a tool which provides a great deal of information about the threads of any process you might choose. Select one process, it will display a table containing all its threads, and details including the thread ID, number of context switches, thread status, the user and kernel time it’s consumed, the time each thread was created, and more.

Download ProcessThreadsView

[advt]ProcessThreadsView displays strings held in the stack data of any selected thread, and if you’re trying to figure out what that thread is doing, or why it’s behaving in a particular way then that can be very interesting. Browsing various threads for Skype.exe, for instance, revealed prompts, file names, Registry keys, URLs, database queries and a whole lot more, invaluable for low-level research.

You also get the option to suspend and resume selected threads at a click. Exercise this ability with care, though – choosing the wrong thread could lock up the process or crash your entire PC.

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