Pocket Blonde – Animation Character App for Samsung Mobile Phones

Pocket Blonde is smart and helpful animation character app for Samsung mobile phones.  She wakes you in the morning, tells news, makes jokes, sends out birthday reminders, delivers a morning horoscope, keeps here eye on the weather – just to name a few things. And, yep, now she can speak!

And she’s not just a pretty face! She chats about recent news, current weather, delivers mid-term forecasts and puts together daily horoscopes. Blondie is an inexhaustible source of jokes, she remembers your friends’ birthdays (via phone contact list and Facebook) – and all this is just a beginning!

Download Pocket Blonde

New features of Blonde:

  • VOICING – This is it! Now the girl can speak! (IMPORTANT: installation of SVOX US English Grace Voice or Loquendo TTS Susan is required)
  • ALARM CLOCK – the Blonde can wake you up in the morning
  • [advt]TRAVELLING – you can learn about the city you’re in: its history, news and weather
  • Blondie has 50+ various animations in her arsenal.
  • She carries on a dialogue. Easy, natural and exciting

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