Funambol Sync for Synchronizing Your Personal Data for Android

Funambol Sync synchronize  your personal data and thus makes it easy to secure your Android pictures, videos, files, contacts and calendar in an online account and keep them in sync across your other mobile phones, tablets, and computers.  It can sync the contacts list, calendar, notes, tasks and eventually multimedia content (pictures, music, files).[androidqrcode:  com.funambol.androidsync]

Funambol platforms supported include Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, and Symbian mobile phones, iPad and Android tablets, and Windows and Mac computers. Using your online account, you can share your pictures or videos on Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, or YouTube and import your contacts latest Facebook profile pictures to keep them in sync with your Android contacts.

Download Funambol Sync for Android

Funambol’s vision is to make it easy to sync billions of mobile phones, personal computers, tablets and connected devices with the systems and websites people use everyday via the cloud. It uniquely do this using an open source approach that provides the greatest degree of device compatibility as well as flexibility and control.

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