Download Free TvDB – Portable Tool to Track All Favorite TV Series

Free TvDB will keep track of all your favorite TV series with this handy portable tool. As the name implies, it’s basically provides a front end for all the data and images stored on website, adding some useful little features of its own, such as a means of recording which episodes of a particular show you’ve seen.

Download Free TvDB

Better still, it’s not some bloated, sluggish app, but a nimble portable utility that you can store on your USB thumb drive or copy to your portable apps folder and sync across all your machines. Once loaded, enter the name of the show you wish to include, then select it from the list available, pick a category to file it in and click “Add series to database” to add it to your “collection”.

[advt]You can also view photos, cast listings and even watch selected video from YouTube (typically the show’s opening credits). At the present time, database backups are stored in the same directory as the program itself, but future versions promise to give you more control over the backup process.

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