Download for Android helps you to get through the day without your phone. It provides you with web access to your SMS, calls log, contacts and more. Instant web notifications inform you in real-time about calls and texts. Everything from the comfort of your web browse. This phone application enables you using your web browser to access your calls, sms and contacts from any computer connected to the internet. At the moment, only Android phones with system version 2.2 and higher are supported.

Download  from Android Market

Register your phone

To make sure that it’s only you who can access your phone from the internet, you have to enter your username and password. It won’t want you to create yet another account. Just use your existing facebook username and password. You will be asked to grant the permission to use your credentials with this application.

Login on the internet

Once your phone says it is ‘Ready’ you can worry no more if you forget your phone at home. When at work, just go to and you will see all your messages, calls and contacts.

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