Browser Based Desktop Interface – Download Webian Shell Browser

Webian Shell is a free web browser for devices that do not need a desktop. When it is used on PCs the software eliminates the unnecessary interface components and presents a single window to browse through the web. This is a robust browser using which the user can browse the web hassle free and remain away from all the unwanted clutter.

Webian Shell can be downloaded for free from the website, and the size of the installer is minimal as well. This freeware is available to be used on all the popular operating systems like Windows OS X and Linux. The user just has to download the zip and install it to use. This is currently available as a working prototype, which has the potential of being developed as an independent Web OS like software in the near future.

Download Webian Shell

Webian Shell , built on the Mozilla Chromeless uses latest web technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Hence the user is guaranteed a great web experience. This freeware is completely opensource and is built on opensource Web standards. With its simple interface and great design , Webian is a great software to use for all those who just need to browse the web and remain free from all the other clutter involved around the Desktop.


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