LightWorks – Free Professional Movie Editing Tool

LightWorks is free professional movie editing tool that allows the user to edit, trim and add effects to the videos.  It includes a comprehensive set of features and tools that enable the editor to include a wide range of effects, trim the media and manage it, add secondary colors etc., With its advanced effects pipeline and real fast workflows, LightWorks is one of the most advanced Editing tools available currently.

Lightworks introduced the stereo video track to automatically sync left and right eye media files seamlessly in the background. Edit with stereoscopic media in any supported format, without the need for new muxed files, and without the need to change your workflow.

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  • Resolution, format and codec independent timeline
  • Edit at 23.976, true 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 50, or 60 fps
  • Advanced Multicam editing with unlimited sources
  • Source/Record three-point editing
  • Insert and Overwrite editing
  • Replace, fit to fill, backfill
  • Drag-and-drop replace editing
  • Extend and Split edits
  • A/V Sync indicators on timeline


  • Ripple
  • Roll
  • Slip and Slide
  • Remove and Delete
  • Asymmetric, multitrack trimming
  • Dynamic trimming during playback
  • JKL trimming
  • Trim window
  • Timeline trimming


  • Third Party Plugin Support
  • Alpha Channel Matte Transitions
  • Global Transitions adds effects between In and Out points
  • Real-time effects in SD, HD and 2K
  • Speed Tool for varispeed changes
  • Keyframe graphs
  • Transitions, effects, and filters included
  • Unlimited effects user templates
  • Copy and paste effect attributes to multiple clips


  • Full-screen, real-time SD, HD, and 2K preview on single or secondary display
  • Multiple timelines open simultaneously
  • Unlimited undo levels
  • Unlimited video and FX tracks
  • User preferences that can be moved from system to system
  • Customizable keyboard and user interface buttons
  • Customizable real-time effects settings
  • Customizable render settings

 Media Management

  • Media management tools for moving, copying, and consolidating media at edit or project level
  • Powerful search capabilities
  • [advt]Rename Clips to match media and vice versa
  • Maintain master clips across multiple projects
  • Clip colors in edit (match by source, reel or timecode)
  • Custom comment fields
  • Automatic reconnect to high-resolution media
  • EDL and AAF import and export for metadata exchange
  • Instant Save – no need to save project
  • Batch export


  • Subframe audio keyframing
  • Real-time audio adjustments during playback
  • OMF audio export with pan and volume levels
  • Real-time, software-based audio normalization
  • Onscreen multitrack mixing console
  • External Mackie control surface support
  • Real time fader automation
  • Real-time audio filters and effects
  • Mixed bit-rates and samples on timeline


  • Import RED media and DPX image sequences directly
  • Include timecode and keycode in the same list
  • Support for 35mm 3-perf, 35mm 4-perf, and 16mm-20 and mixed film formats
  • View feet and frames in edit
  • View keycode and ink number overlays on video
  • 24-fps EDL import and export
  • 24-fps EDL conversion to and from 29.97 fps
  • Import ALE, FLX, and CSV files

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