Record and Automate Browsing Activities – Download DejaClick

DejaClick LogoDejaClick is a Web recorder and free super bookmark utility designed for Firefox. It is easy and fast to use. You can bookmark a multi-step recording using DejaClick. Then, with just one click, navigate to your endpoint Web page.

It can record your mouse and keyboard activity in any browsing session, and later you can play that back to simulate exactly what you were doing. This would come useful in case you often need to go to some page on a website, but that takes too many steps. To ease this, you can simply record your navigation using DejaClick, and then play it back anytime you want to go to that page again.

When you install DejaClick, it adds a small toolbar in your Firefox. You can use this toolbar to manage all the aspects of recording, and play it back. DejaClick can even password protect your recordings. This would be useful if you have saved login information to some website also in some recording.

Download DejaClick

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