CreateInstall Free – Script-Based Tool to Makes Software Installer

CreateInstall Free is a script-based tool that makes it easy to build installers for your software. It will give you an excellent scalable all round deployment solution for software development authors even if you are just looking for a simple, once off, box standard “setup.exe” installation.

A straightforward wizard walks you through the initial process. Fill in details like product name, version and URL, and the core project settings are created for you. You can then add your source files in a few clicks, and then, if necessary, include additional tweaks of your own.

And there are plenty of customization possibilities. Every dialog can be altered to suit your needs. You can run applications, set or alter Registry values, register DLLs and more. And although CreateInstall is based around the Gentee scripting language, you don’t have to learn this, at least not in full: there’s a full GUI here to isolate you from most of the low-level details.

You can start with the basic product using the wizards and advanced your installations based on an English style functionality driven scripting language which shares some similarities in syntax with C or php. You can use the internal CreateInstall script editor or use your favouring external editor, to add your own reusable #include functionality code.

Download CreateInstall Free 


  • Offers the user to read the license agreement and the Readme file, and to specify the installation path.
  • Unpack and/or copy the necessary files.
  • Save various values to the Registry and to the INI files.
  • Register ActiveX files and fonts.
  • [advt]Create shortcuts in any locations.
  • Include Visual Basic and DAO run-time files.
  • Create the uninstall tool.
  • Start additional programs.

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