TextWrangler – Text Editor for Mac OS X

TextWrangler is a text editor for Mac OS X. It can manipulate text on your computer, you have two broad choices: a basic text editor, or a word processor. It makes no claim to provide formatting tools for improving the design of your documents; instead, it’s a fully formed, powerful text editor with some nifty tools for those using TextWrangler to edit programming code. This might explain why it doesn’t support formatted text formats like RTF – it’s very much a tool for editing plain, unformatted text documents.

It comes with a number of advanced text editing and manipulating tools, such as multi-file search and replace, support for ‘grep’-style search and replace, find and merge differences between two versions of a text file, support for rectangular text selection and built-in text transformations. You can open multiple documents inside a single window, switching between them using the document list pane on the left of the screen.

Where TextWrangler comes into its own, however, is as a programmer’s tool. It provides both syntax colouring and function navigation for a number of popular languages including C++, HTML/XHTML, JavaScript, Perl, PHP and Python. You can also produce your own TextWrangler language modules to include unsupported languages, while a built-in function scanner simplifies navigation of source code.

Add in tools for Unix and Server administrators, such as the ability to directly open and edit files over FTP/SFTP, plus comprehensive AppleScript support, and you have a text editor that will prove useful to a wide range of coders and other advanced users.

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Text Editing and Manipulating

  • [advt]Powerful single and multi-file search & replace
  • Flexible ‘grep’ style pattern-based search and replace based on PCRE (Perl-Compatible Regular Expression)
  • Sort Lines and Process Duplicate Lines commands offer grep pattern support for sorting, extracting, and handling text
  • Find Differences to compare two versions of a text file and merge the differences
  • Support for rectangular text selections
  • Built-in text transformations: Zap Gremlins, Change Case, Entab/Detab, and more
  • Open and save files in a variety of character sets, including Unicode (UTF-8 and UTF-16) files
  • Supports editing of multi-byte and Unicode text
  • Live Search for incremental, in-window searches
  • Open and save files in Mac, Unix, and Windows line-ending formats
  • Integrated support for Mac OS X’s spelling service
  • Hard or soft wrap text however you prefer
  • Quoted text rewrapper
  • Multiple Undo
  • Multiple Clipboards
  • Splittable editing windows
  • Auto-Indent


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