iPhone 4S Users are the Hungriest Data Consumers in the World – Study

Apple LogoPlanning to buy new iPhone 4S? Wait!! Before that please spend 2 minutes to read this article. Apple’s new iPhone 4S consumes on average twice as much data as the previous iPhone model and even more than iPad tablets due to increasing use of online services like the virtual personal assistant Siri.  The study by Arieso, describes iPhone 4S users are the “hungriest” data consumers in the world. The study reveals explosive growth in mobile data demand.

When Apple rolled out the iPhone 4S in October, its small improvements disappointed many analysts and reviewers, but consumer demand for the device has been strong, and buyers have extensively used their devices with more than One Million pre-orders in first 24 Hours.

IPhone 4S users transfer on average three times more data than users of the older iPhone 3G model which was used as the benchmark in a study by telecom network technology firm Arieso.

Data usage of the previous model, the iPhone 4, was only 1.6 times higher than the iPhone 3G, while iPad2 tablets consumed 2.5 times more data than the iPhone 3G, the study showed.

The Arieso study, “Recent Smartphone Trends & the Extreme Data User”, compares data usage across a variety of smartphones and connected devices. It finds that users of the iPhone 4S demand three times as much data as iPhone 3G users and twice as much as iPhone 4 users, who were identified as the most demanding in the 2010 study. In a finding consistent with 2010 results, it also shows that Google Nexus One users make twice as many data calls as iPhone 3G users.

There are some very hungry handset users, even compared to the iPhone 3G benchmark (iPhone 3G = 100%):

Data calls per subscriber:

  • HTC Google Nexus One: 221%
  • Sony Ericsson Xperia X10i: 157%
  • HTC Desire: 156%

Uplink data volumes:

  • 3G Modems (various): 2654%
  • HTC Desire S: 323%
  • iPhone 4S: 320%

Downlink data volumes:

  • 3G Modems (various): 2432%
  • iPhone 4S: 276%
  • Samsung Galaxy S: 199%

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