Create Socially Screensaver using

Familiar is a webapp that can help you to create a socially programmed screensaver. You’re also the one who chooses the photos that will make this screensaver, and you can pick them either by using a desktop app or by importing them one by one from your albums on services like Facebook, Flickr and Picassa.

[advt]Familiar turns your computer into a digital picture frame, programmed by your closest friends and family. Familiar brings photos directly to your screen, blending elements of the picture frame and slideshow to personalize your screen with life’s cherished moments. Mom and Dad, aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters can all get connected on Familiar so their screensaver is personalized with the best family photos

Once all the images have been selected, then you can mark down the ones you like best, and have these displayed most of the time. Alternatively, you can turn in a “Shuffle” option and have all your images displayed in random order.

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