Oranger QR – Generates and Track QR Code

Oranger QR can generate QR codes with tracking. Its QR code tracking software can track who scanned your QR code, where it was scanned, when it was scanned, and off which media it was scanned off of.

Oranger QR can do:

  • Scans -The number of times a QR Code has been scanned.
  • Goals -The number of times a visitor has navigated to the Goal URL. This is counted once per visit.
  •  Bounce Rate – The number of visitors only viewing the landing page without visiting other pages.
  • Time on site – The average time spent on your campaign landing pages.
  • Pageviews – The total number of pages viewed on your campaign landing pages.
  •  Unique Scans – The total number of scans counted once from a single mobile device, and in a specified amount of time.
  • Traffic overview – A breakdown of all the tracked traffic coming to your campaign pages.
  • Content overview – A detailed list of all the visited tracked campaign pages.
  •  Phones – A breakdown of the phone brands used to view your campaign page.
  • Location – The number of times a user has accessed your campaign from a specific location.
  • Media – The number of times a QR Code has been scanned from a specific medium.


Types of QR codes that you can make:

  • URL Based QR Codes are QR codes which when created can bring you to any website URL or WWW address on the Internet. In order to see an example of how this code works just take any QR code scanner and scan it. With URL based QR codes you can track how many scans they receive, the location they where scanned from, and much more into detail using QR code tracking tools. If you are creative you can use URL based QR codes in many ways like getting people to sign up for a newsletter or review your business from their cellphones while they are at your business or event. You can even put URL based QR codes on mailing pieces, billboard advertisements, shop windows, bumper stickers, maps, fliers, cards, containers, coffee mugs, t-shirts, baseball camps, key chains, business cards and more.
  • meCard QR Codes are QR codes which when scanned will provide a persons contact details for your phone so that it can be programmed into your address book. This is useful because it saves lots of time entering information into a person’s phone and will prevent any human error with typo’s or misheard information. meCard QR codes also known as contact card QR codes are great for events, business networking, conventions, business cards, trade shows or any type of event people need to exchange their business information. Just imagine how clever you can be the next time someone asks you for your information. Scan this meCard QR code and see the dummy information that used when creating it.
  •  vCard QR codes are QR codes which when scanned provide you with contact information just like a meCard QR code however they usually hold more information then a meCard. The things that a vCard QR code has that a meCard QR code does not is a firld for a Salutation, Job Title, mobile phone, work phone, full address with zip code, and country. This is also a great way for storing family information and can be printed on a Christmas card to let the recipients program that family members contact information into their phones easily. As you can see there are many different types of uses for contact information QR codes like these.
  • Calendar Event QR codes are QR code which when scanned will tell you the date of an event so it can be remember or entered directly into your phones calendar. These are often found on concert tickets, wedding invitations, event tickets or just any thing you should remember to show up for. Calendar event QR codes once scanned will produce the title of the event with a description, location, start date, end date, start time, and ending time. These are also great for use around the office. If everyone in the workplace uses a smart phone you can make them scan the QR code as a quick note on the way out so they can remember a certain event they need to attend with out having to write it down.
  • Email QR codes are QR codes when scanned will provide you with an email address. An email QR code should only be used if you only want to provide an email address for a purpose when a QR code is scanned. These types of QR codes are good for many purposes where someone will want to respond to an advertisement quickly using their smart phone.
  • Phone QR Codes are QR codes which when scanned will produce a phone number to be called from your phone. These are great for advertisements where instant action is to be taken. If you run any type of restaurant or service business these are great to put on advertisements or your vehicle because it can be easier and safer for people to use when driving although it would never recommend doing the two together. Phone QR codes work well with Pizza delivery places, billboard advertising and much more.
  • Plain text QR codes are special Qr codes which when scanned will produce a message on your phone. These types of Qr codes are great for treasure hunts or revealing secret information such as clues or the answer to a riddle. Plain text QR codes can be easily created and basically encode the text you want with in the QR code so that when it is scanned the scanner will reveal the message.
  • SMS text message QR Codes are QR codes which will produce a text message that is ready to be sent with a message when scanned. These are great for subscribing to text message notifications from companies for specials or to get regular coupons. It is also a perfect way to have people respond to an advertisement for a cab company to let them know you want to be picked up. A SMS text message QR code could even be used to make restaurant reservations to cut down on a busy phone line when people cannot get through.
  • GPS Map Coordinate QR Codes are great for realtors or real estate companies because people can scan them to get directions to a house to look at. These GPS QR codes are a great way to even give directions to a business. IF you scan them it will bring up the location on your phone. by clicking the navigation options on your smart phone you should be able to use your phones GPS navigation software to get directions to your QR code destination. With android phones GPS map QR codes can by used to get directions using Google maps which is installed on most android phones.
  • [advt] Social Media QR Codes are a perfect way to get more likes for your website or business. Imagine putting one of these codes for face book likes on your shop window so everyone who likes your store can recommend it to their face book friends. With social media QR code generator you can generate codes even for Twitter, 4 Square, Normal Facebook profiles, and Youtube. By generating these Social QR codes you will be able to connect anyone to your profiles or become instantly more popular with the scan of a cell phone.
  • Wifi Network Info QR Codes are a good to provide wireless access information for mobile devices to connect. With the more processing power of any smart phone comes the need for more bandwidth. So many people are using their smart phones to connect to Wifi networks in coffee shops or their favorite diner to make video calls or watch streaming media on their phone without any hiccups.

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