– Micro-Publishing Service to Create Web Page is a micro-publishing service that lets you create and share a single, good-looking Web page in mere seconds.  It works both without registration and without installation. You can create posts denouncing anything you feel is wrong with the world, and (if you want to get more personal) you can also use Checkthis to share photos and media. You can send “tweets with attachments”, and that definition certainly holds its own. It is exactly halfway in between Twitter and a blogging platform.

[advt]Checkthis can also be put to commercial uses, as you can create classified ads and sell your own products and these items you no longer want through the site. You just have to upload a picture of the product you want to sell and set its price for the page to go live. You don’t even need to have a PayPal account.  In literally instants, you can use CheckThis to create a stand-alone page to sell your bike, hire a new developer for your startup, and tell people what you’ve been up to today, set up a really quick poll, share an Instragram or Flickr photo, a party invitation with a map, a Vimeo video or whatever other casual need you might have.

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