Kloudo – Online Business Manager

Kloud is the simplest way to get your business organized where you can put together multiple pages, messages or tasks in a kloud to manage your contacts, track your projects or just to have conversations.

Kloudo does not provide the functionality of multiple tools by just putting together these tools and thus incurring the added complexity. Each kloud can put together some building blocks like pages, messages and tasks to manage that context.

You can manage your contacts, files, documents and projects. You can keep track of your projects, collaborate with your team members or clients and also discuss your problems or the thing going on in your mind, with your team members.

Kloud Services:

  • Replace Email: Have shared spam-free conversations instead of emails.
  • Manage Contacts: Track your contact’s details, who talked to them and follow-up on time with ease.
  • Manage Projects: Collaborate & track Projects within your team or clients to get your projects done.
  • Manage Knowledge: Put all related files, documents discussions in one place within a context.
  • Micro Blog: Get and share work updates or Make announcements and ask questions.
  • Make Guides and HOW-TOS: Make and share beautiful looking wikis with text, photos, audio and video .
  • Manage Documents: Easily upload and share documents. Search and find anything when you need it.
  • Create Forums & Blogs: Ask questions, get answered, Collaborate, Learn and grow with collective knowledge.
  • Search Anything: Innovative as-fast-as-google search through anything.

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