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Back4Win is free backup software which allows you to backup disk, CDR, and CDRW. It is known for its reliability. It backup the data on the computer in a secure place to prevent you from losing the partition data. Back4Win has a stealth mode to enhance the security of the backups. Back4Win is also equipped with an industry standard ZIP compression which allows the data to be accessed from any operating system including Windows, MAC OS X, Linux and etc.

Download Back4Win 


  • Backup data as EXE file which can be expanded on computers that are not installed with decompression program
  • Restore damages backups
  • Variable compression rates
  • Encrypt zip files with password
  • Include hidden files
  • Full Directories (recursion)
  • Save Directory Names
  • [advt]Span Disks
  • Erase Disk First Use Volume name
  • Set compression rate to maximum, medium or none
  • Set Mozilla Firefox & Thunderbird data backup profiles as Thunderbird & Firefox backup (TBFF), Thunderbird profile (TBprofile), Thunderbird profile and mail (TBmail) and Firefox settings (FFsettings)
  • Clear disk prompt
  • CheckSpanMode
  • Set temporary directory
  • View Last Error and zip comment
  • Burn to CD, DVD and write/read CDRW
  • Does not incur a 2GB  and 65535 limit like other ZIP backup software
  • Select multiple files in a backup set to restore

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