Download iolo’s System Checkup

iolo’s System Checkup is designed to be run manually by the user. It scans your computer for problems, running nine quick tests in all: internet speed, memory levels, startup speed, Registry errors, drive corruption, security holes, drive clutter, internet clutter and shortcuts check. Once complete, the results are displayed in a new, larger window you can expand each section where problems are found to discover what the recommended solutions are. From here you have two choices if you’re fairly compos mentis with your PC you can then take steps to manually resolve these problems, or you could click the “Fix Errors Now” button.

Download iolo’s System Checkup

[advt]If you want to give your computer a quick once-over to simply identify problems with your PC, then System Checkup is worth considering, but think twice before shelling out to fix the problems it finds.

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