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Total Text Container is a personal information manager that lets you to store all kinds of different content within a single encrypted XML database, including rich text, images, spreadsheets, URLs/passwords, contacts, calendar events, catalogs, files etc. Each item in the database is capable of supporting a mashup of content types, so you can store and view all related information on the same page easily.

Download Total Text Container

[advt]The initial aim of the application was to have a portable application that could store notes to easily maintain a list of How-To’s and Tutorials in my daily routine of coding. It eventually grew to add Contacts, Calendars, Spreadsheets, and Bookmarks etc. As it became apparent that the Container files where gonna become huge I started modifying that virtually everything runs on “Load-On-Demand” technology. This also means that if you don’t use frame types then it will never take up additional memory.

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